Aim of the Project

Urban Youth Gardens is a KA2 Erasmus Project with project number 2021-2-EL02-KA220-YOU-000049255, started in 2022. The project’s duration is 24 months.

The main project’s objectives are:

1) The reconnection of young people with nature as let nature act as a healing power for the young people

2) Help the young people realize from where those their food comes from and what does it take for food to grow. This will lead to a better appreciation for the farmer and his work as well.

3) Introduce the farm to Fork concept and how we can make use of that to fight Global Warming.

4) Increasing the sense of responsible, active citizenship in participating young people and highlight the importance of establishing and maintaining urban green spaces for gardening. We will also create the sense of community as they will be working together as a community to make sure to take care of their common garden

5) Young people will reconsider their preferences relevant to food waste prevention and cultivate a mindset that promotes.

6) We will provide holistic, hands-on experience to youth and youth workers that will benefit them in their personal and occupational, while also the organization which can develop future agricultural projects together.

7) Municipal public spaces will flourish with more and renovated green spaces which will be maintained frequently by young people themselves, and potentially there will be crops of edible plants that the municipality that these spaces reside in can be distributed to various social projects.

8) The digital novelties to be developed during the project (platform and mobile application) will become potent tools that participating organizations can utilize for further agricultural projects and initiatives.

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